Salem Reprise

by Kalëvra

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Tommy Whiting: Throat
Devin Huck: Guitar
Bryant Jack: Guitar
Brendan Crow: Drums/Vocals
Nathaniel Hallock: Bass


released December 31, 2013

Produced and Engineered by: Anup Sastry
All songs written and recorded by: Kalevra



all rights reserved


Kalëvra Frederick, Maryland

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Track Name: Talking Nightmare Blues
We've come to fight them all. I'm talking nightmare blues
It comes in twos comes in twos
For every thought that i use every gem i abuse
Principal ucifer
Pulls my fucking chains. Broke right through that barricade and ate your fucking brains
And we're all gonna die soon. In the basement he is sealed. With his work he is revealed. In the darkness i am healed.
On the eve of the yule blood will be spilled
Those were the dark ages folks
Fear me for i am heretic
And no one will hear you die
Oh god of the waxing year
You still got something to say boy? Up and wake that sweet old sound
Track Name: Propagander
The cosmic doctrine is written in the sky
Of shells and dreams and apple pie
From my impulsive soul and to all of its kind
The doctrine of man is written in blood. On the backs of the loyal
And so none are more enslaved than those who think they're free
Blinding flashes of plasma life. That's my schedule, that's my wife
Ill never question those hidden agendas and if they betray me its justified
Live amongst the zombies who turn the other cheek Though its not what i stand for I'll stand up for the weak
So those of who will tell you they have your motives heart, You can soon see what they sell you
Its bullshit from the start
There are no fucking tough questions only cowards and lies
There are no real answers only money in disguise
I don' chew i just inhale the world
A wicked war cry through the halls of man
So my siege on these white walls is a mimesis i've planned
For the junkies been cast out
Tearing through the flesh of the wicked with a cross in their hand
Track Name: Damn Mets
God damned my heart and the weak seams where it falls apart (x2)
Oh the wicked thoughts to rendevous, the wicked thoughts to follow through
Fuck the rue
Echo stain a shattered brain ot sounds so close to sanctuary (x2)
Show us you're blind
Show us your blind side
Crimson flames tie through my ears
The one fucking thing. A psychobabble memoir its a templar's creed
You feed beasts too
You, so long so sentimental
Damned. I'm damned. I'm damned
Track Name: Milton Brody
Are those the gems you were promised? The ones you sought when you sold the world in 1913
Buy it and why? Buy it and break it and why? Waste it and why?
Running through why is a hobby of mine
The same cult that built carnegie hall
On the backs of slaves I hope we kill em all
I don't give a fuck what you think and i don't regret my past because I've stained it with ink and I don't give a fuck what you know because the bullshit your reap is the bullshit you sew
Commissioner Frederick, i know what you own
A masonic dealing a masonic throne. That taxi commission must be fucking sweet, I can't afford a fucking car. I'll starve in your streets
Why do you close your eyes when I'm walking by? Are you that shameless or do you just lie
Track Name: Hills, Whores, And Liquor Stores
They moved the graves but the bones are the same
Fuck Brunswick
and fuck you
and fuck everything you were
you were and ostrich in the sand
you were another race
so fuck you
trynna find another way
fenta grind another way
set us up a little after
went for us
they feared the big dog
up on the hill
how dare we bring you culture
redneck, born to fuck you
at this age
so now i'm gone
yet still I've got the time
on beaming embers
harassed while the streets were lined with grime
so long forgotten
son it's a raid
and I've got your fucking grave
Track Name: Devourist Manifesto
Son, you best check your surroundings
cause it's as real as it gets
We won't be dancing around fires
We gonna swing like the mets
So lonely and desolate
with true love at my side
it seems we've lost
the situation
and time
where we could hide
My cowgirl strapped in red and blue
are white the stars that follow you
Are white the stars that stalk you too?
I've made my claim and name in life
as a devourist
It's not my claim to fame
In fact,
I'm fucking powerless
"Pardon me", as I run for my life,
"Just move your legs, you can come if you like"
Burn me alive
fear the flower of life
and it harm none
do what you will
Evolve the problem you must solve
Track Name: Five Count
Wicca wikipedia
i'll be your encyclopedia
pulls my fucking chains
broke right through that barricade
and ate your fucking brains
you know he needs another
the one who wields the torch will be the other
I am the father of the devil's son
and with that context there is no subtext
I am the father of the devil's son
there is no subtext
shall I be your scapegoat lady liberty?
relinquished of truth in William's time
naked flailing round a fire
uncivilized and threatening
but the fear was real and they burned anyway
this vanished world
a light is upon it
for which my language has no name
one side may end but finish the v
it starts again
it arcs again from now to then
bomb the heart and then you're free
so we see
so are the tales of the bold
Track Name: Sphinx
Introducing these friends of mine
the love you'll find
the things you left behind
the past will never leave you
We've spent all this time with empty hands
in line
we melted velvet star thrown skies
Low clouds that never seem to cry
they hold a hand to you
to get you through
and guide you to your path
they'll kick your ass
This one's for the times
Another one step
break-neck shotgun
we'll juggle chainsaws
Straight low
There you will find me
crawling through a crevice
leads to you
We live through telephones
We dwell in ancient rome
The kings, the slaves
The weak the brave
and none atoned
There you'll find me
and none atoned
We showed up just in time
Just to be the last one's standing
Bang bang, its a game
trample it and hit the rain
everybody, hit the floor
cause its your fucking claim
Bang bang, its a shame
scream it, it's your fucking name
everybody hit the floor
And we could outrun the storm
Track Name: Forward Unto Dawn
And so there came a time
I saw I was full of shit
oh, I could crumble then
or throw my roots down and deal with it
Where have my people gone?
this trend has lasted way too long
Let go
there's less to find
we'll free our minds
Let go
there's less to find
there's less to find
Where did you go?
I thought this was a heavy show
Where have my people gone?
We were once united
empowered, we walked the street
we will not let this die
we will make our peace
We were once united